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“ I do a lot of work through Asia and India and CAPP lets me add new galleries of work as I travel. All I need is an internet café and I'm in business. Not only is my site constantly reflecting my current work, but I can conduct sales as easily as if I were home.”

Kris Flanagan
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With CAPP, you can save your advertising dollars and reach a considerably larger market PLUS you'll have greater potential to drive your online sales further.

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  The site comes with one-year's free web hosting. How much will it cost per year after that?
Your web hosting expenses will be $349.00 per year, which includes all your email accounts and gives you 200mb of space.  This provides space for over 2000 photos to be placed on your site. Your web site will give you global coverage and is the cheapest form of advertising around bar-none.

Additionally, we are currently developing a photography portal that will be the one-stop site in Australia to match clients to photographers.  This site will rank highly in the search engines and in turn, generate higher rankings for your site. You will get a free gold listing on this portal when it goes live if you choose to have your web site built with us.
  After we purchase the package and have the web site designed, what are the annual fees to maintain the site?
There are no annual fees to maintain the site. We give you the control to add your own photos, galleries, prices, sales and even the way each web page looks. You only have to pay the $349.00 hosting fee as mentioned above
  We already have a domain name and web site but want to come to you; can we use this domain name?
Yes you can. We can point your domain name to the new web site we design for you, although you will need to cancel your old hosting account.
  We have an existing web site that we like but want to be able to add new photos, etc, ourselves. Can you help us?
Yes we can do this for you at a significantly reduced cost, as we won't need to graphically design your site.
  How many pages are we able to have on our new web site?
You can have as many web pages as you like!  Tell us what your needs are and we will design it for you.
  Do we just give you our pictures and then you design the site for us?
Yes, this is exactly how it works, although we will require a bit more information from you than just your pictures. We will be liasing closely with you to design a web site to match your needs and expectations.  Once it is finished, we will show you how to log in and manage your own content via the administration section of the site.
  How long will it take to set up my new web site?
Expect around 4 weeks until you are live and selling. This will vary depending on the communication channels between us, whether you have all of your material ready to go and an idea of individual page content. If you decide to go ahead, we will liaise closely with you via phone and email to build your new site.
  How do I assign passwords and keep galleries secure and private?
When you log into the administration section of your site you have total control over the content that appears on your site. There are 2 types of galleries you can create:
1. Public Galleries – galleries appearing on your web site for everyone to see and buy images from.
2. Secure Galleries – Secure galleries only accessible to the public via a username and password. When adding a secure gallery to your site, you assign it with a username and password of your choice. Your clients can then view all of the photos you have added to that particular gallery and order images online.
  Do you have a demonstration version of the shopping cart and administration features?
Sorry, at present we don't have a demonstration version for you to trial, but we are working on this for the future. You can however, view some of these features by visiting any of the websites featured on our home page. We will be happy to discuss these features directly with you in more detail.
  Must CAPP continue to host the site each year for it to remain active, or can we take it to another host company?
No, the site must remain with us.
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